Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Yummy Treat

So as some of you know I recently started working at Organic Harvest in the cafe. Organic Harvest is a local organic market and cafe located in Hoover off highway 31 by the new Starbucks and Publix (everyone come see me!). I love working there and I am already learning so much about food and health. No worries I won't bash you for your eating habits or bombard you with healthy living info overload, but on occasion when I find out something interesting I will pass it along. There is just so much to learn when it comes to food and health. We have a very detailed creator that is for sure! I know I am quickly realizing how poorly I've treated my body (lets see poptarts, easymac, snickerdoodles)... I know I know I just nailed about half of your daily food intake...but there are some awesome and really yummy alternatives to the stuff we've been running to for a sugar or carb fix.

Try this for example. I concocted a little signature smoothie at work (no worries I won't be spilling all of O.H.'s recipes on here, but since I sort of made this one up I thought I'd share). This is a great sugar fix and it has better for you ingredients than the typical candy bar or cookie. Give it a try I promise you'll like it!

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

½ cup Strawberries (or any berry you like)- Try to buy organic here, fruit is one of the highest chemically sprayed items out there!
¾ Pear
2 Tbls. Raw Almond Butter (raw is best, but natural will do if money is tight)
2 Tbls. Honey or Agave (natural sweetness)
½ cup Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt (once again organic is best)
1 Tbls. Flax Meal (fiber- good for your digestive system)
1 tsp. Vanilla
2.5 cups Ice

Blend and Enjoy!