Saturday, August 30, 2008

I hate to say it

but I'm tired of the beach.
I've only been here for 1 day.
I don't like sand.
It's pretty to look at though.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

and it continues

so here is what happened in my day since I wrote the last blog at 3:00....what a day indeed

walk 2 miles back to my car
thought parking under a tree in the shade was a good idea... until every single little berry thing made it from the the tree to my car and even through the crack i left in the window so my car wouldn't bake... seeing as how the high was like 98 today
get in my car... get hit by a dude in a big black truck
get out... he says sorry.... no damage.... moving on
meet a homeless man in the park... asks me if I'm a scorpio
Asks me to take his picture....okay
total number of wrecks I almost had on the way home (i'm talking less than 6 inches away from my car)... 5

all in all it was a good day... honest.
Can't let the little things get to you
It'd be a rough life if you did


what a day

Alarm malfunction
Shampooed my hair twice... thought it was the conditioner
Hooray for cereal for breakfast.... no milk
Look for parking... wasp flies in car window
Parking? yeah 2 miles away from my building
Half way to my building... forgot something in the car...
Back to the car... 2 miles to go
Cranberry Scone... I get a blueberry one...I don't mind
Guys cell phone rings in class... he answers... in class... really?
History class (which attendance is optional but i thought well I should go learn something)... already seen the movie
Get in the elevator at Juan's apt... dog pee
Elevator doors shut... elevator will not move
Stairs... 4th floor
back to class... Egyptian documentary... joy

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. In spite of it all I've had a good day... glad that joy isn't based on circumstances.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

in his joy

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field."

This verse has come up in my life a lot the past couple of days.... not sure why...God is speaking. I will listen.

One thing I do know is that we could all use a little bit more joy over the gospel.

Holy Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I had the privileged of witnessing 3... yes 3 people completely wipe out in the hallway today. Much to our dismay Hurricane Fay has given us two nasty days of well...rain, rain and oh rain. The result? a lovely puddle in the middle of Heritage Hall. Consequence= bustage.
Not me however. Thanks to these:

Salomons. Best purchase ever. No busting for me!

My Brightness

So blogs will be more frequent these days since I am now in class from 11-315 straight on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Charlie Hall released his new album last Tuesday "The Birght Sadness"
Go get it.
It is awesome.

My Brightness (track 4) is my favorite.
Here are the lyrics.

well, i've been hit from every corner. i've been thrown from side to side
and i'm cracked up on the inside so i come to You for life

your presence always heals me, so i want to drink it in
and you know where i am going, God, you know where i've been

and your love is like a rock when i'm spinning
your love is like a rock when i'm spinning
your love is like a rock when i'm spinning around

yesterday i felt so angry, and today i'm insecure
and i hate it that i wrestle with the God that i adore

i know less about you but my heart loves you so much more
you're the bright in my sadness. you're my brightness.

i wish this thing could pass from me, but i'm wanting what you want.
so bring me high or bring me low, just hold me in your love.

The Sacred Monkies of Bali

That is the name of the text book for the class I am in right now. There is no attendance taken either. Catch my drift.

Monday, August 25, 2008

tis a pitty she's a...

So since i decided to change my major and all last week (yes I am a sneior i know i know) today was my first real day of classes. Interesting would be a good word. I love my anthro class... i don't think I'll have to go to all of them so skipable classes always rank pretty high up there for me. And then I had creative writing. My name in that class is officially "new face" since I was apparently the only person who was not there the first day of class last week. Well today was an "excursion day" and our mission was to go to the library and walk up and down the isles soaking everything in a waiting for the moment when we felt it.... it being the voice that said "write". I was like oh geez but it ended up not being so bad. I found a book about wind and decided to write a poem entitled where the wind blows... not sure how that will rank considering the girl across from me decided that as she was sitting there contemplating the finer things of life she was distracted by the pittering of the rain and the AC vent and then saw a book titles the choas of absence and decidecd to write about the choas of absence and the distraction of presence. I was like great. I got wind. Then there is a girl in that class who dresses...well... lets just say i think she forgot part of her shirt. and maybe some pants. But the girl that sits next to me is very serious... a little bit older...and she proceeds to tell the class her theme ideas... one was "woman pushes a cart" another was something along the lines of "a bird in the rain" then it came... her final option was " tis a pitty shes a whore". I almost lost it. It is sad really that the other girl dresses so skanky but absolutly hillarious that the dorky quiet girl chose its as her theme. priceless. Well I was stuck with wind. Here is my creation. I hope I don't fail. It is possible:

Where the Wind Blows

From whence is your source
And to where shall you go
You cannot be seen
Oh the power you show
Are you merely a shifting of the already known
Do you have a name
And if so may I know
On your next adventure with you may I go
From whence is your source
And to where shall you go

new pics

oh and new pics up on the site

check it

End of summer

Bittersweet. That's my word for the end of the summer. It was a good summer. I t started with moving JA to Boston... and actually now that I think of it it ended with me visiting them in Boston.. how funny. Sandwiched in between camp was the Dominican trip and other random good memories. Camp was fun this year. I kinda figured it would be my last year since I graduate in May and all so that was good and sad all at the same time. The DR trip was good. Nothing major moved in my heart, but not every missions trip I go on is going to radically change me. Sometimes you just need to serve ya know? But my summer seemed to be plagued by my inability to draw near to God. I was tired... okay exhausted most of the time. This led to a heaping pile of selfishness.I constantly chose outter comforts over inner reneweal (i.e. time in the Word, time in prayer). It was like I was stuck there too. I made valant efforts don't get me wrong to get out of my funk... but nothing was happening. I would talk to God on occasion about how stupid I was being, but then the next day I would push snooze 5 times again and fall right back into the habit. Then towards the end of the summer when I felt like I was making it a little closer to God it happened. Guilt. ugh. I felt like... okay here is a holy holy God who has this relationship with me and all I can manage to do lately is think about me, myself and I. So now who am I to try and come back to him? I knew it in my head... and i really think I knew it in my heart that God is waiting with open arms and that we don't have to be punished in order to come to Him.... Christ took that on the cross. There is no action that can earn me anymore of a right place with God. That is so hard for me to grasp sometimes. That a holy God has a relationship with me, and that I don't have to be punished when I sin... he forgives. So in the midst of wallowing in my guilt for a while... thinking if I could just feel some sort of punishment then I could start over with God...He spoke... don't you love when that happens. He spoke through Jarrod at AG one night. He reminded me that yes I will mess up, but I am free from guilt and shame and if I just run towards him with all my life then He is there. He won't love me any less no matter what I do. So here I am. Humbled once again by the amazing grace of my God. He has relit my passion for his word and for serving him...and he is slowly but surely making "me" less of a priority to me. Now i just need to learn to worry about today...not tomorrow...not May... today. Oh what a challenge for me. But all in all summer could have been better. It could have been worse. God never changes. Praise the Lord he changes me though.
Hello Fall
Hello Freedom
Hello Life

Monday, August 11, 2008

I think I'll go to Boston

Well I am here. Boston. I love it. Technically I'm in Gloucester which is oh so cute. Two of my best friends in the whole world live here and I am up for a visit before school starts back. I got here Saturday after a very early and bumpy ride from Atl. Saturday afternoon Manda and I went for a bike ride around the HaBah(Harbor) and around Gloucester. It was oh so fun but I definitely almost took out a little girl on my bike.. oops. Then we grilled out for dinner and ate on their porch that over looks this baseball park. The sunset was awesome and I actually had to put sweatpants and a long sleeve tee on bc it was so chilly. Oh how i loved it. Fall is my favorite and we are still melting down in Alabama but up here it's already getting cool. Then Sunday we went to church at their cute little Gloucester community church then went out to lunch at Not Your Average Joe's ( so good). Then Josh headed to work at the bucks and Manda and I went to the cutest little town ever called Rockport... it looks like a movie...we walked around for a bit and went in some shops then it looked like it was going to rain so we headed home and watched the perfect storm (which was filmed in Gloucester so that was pretty cool), watch the Olympics, took a nap, edited some photos and then decided to go see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.... loooooooved it! Today we got up early to go to her job (she nannies for a family in Beverly) and it was so rainy and chilly outside I love it! We took the kids (Kennedy and Caleb) to the Children's Museum in Boston. I felt so cultured... all these Boston moms taking their kids for a day of intellectual play and educational was fun. Very different than Alabama thats for sure. We've just been hanging out at the house for the rest of the afternoon. I took a nap as the rain pattered on the window and the chilly breeze whistled through the open window. I love New England. I could live here. Amanda is off tomorrow and then Wednesday Scott, Ree and everyone will be arriving in Boston so we will meet them in the city. Then we head for NYC until Saturday. I am excited... I love these places. What a good week.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

where did it go

Oh how quickly I lose focus....
where did it go?