Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A look back....way back

So since it's a new year and all... I figured I would take a trip to the past and take a look 10 years ago...

I found it fascinating... here's what I found:

Top songs of 1999

1.Baby One More Time, ... - Britney Spears
2. You Get What You Give - New Radicals
3. Millennium - Robbie Williams
4. Closing Time - Semisonic
5. Sweetest Thing, The - U2 (single mix)
6. My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow
7. Praise You - Fatboy Slim (radio edit)
8. I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage
9. Never There - Cake
10. Because of You - 98 Degrees
11. Goodbye - Spice Girls (single version)
12. Take Me There - Blackstreet/Mya/Mase/Blinky Blink
13. When a Woman's Fed Up - R. Kelly (clean version)
14. Father of Mine - Everclear
15. What I Got - Sublime (clean version)
16. I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
17. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) - Jay-Z (edit)
18. Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) - Baz Luhrmann (edit)

Top 10 Movies of 1999:

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
The Sixth Sense (1999)
Toy Story 2 (1999)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
The Matrix (1999)
Tarzan (1999)
Big Daddy (1999/I)
The Mummy (1999)
Runaway Bride (1999)
The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Price of Gas: $1.06
President of the US: Clinton
Super Bowl XXXIII winner: Denver Broncos

Big Happenings:
-Napster Debuts
-Chavez becomes president of Venezuela
-Apple releases the first iBook
-World Population reaches 6 billion
- Exxonmobil merges and forms the largest company in the world
- US turns over Panama Canal to Panama officials

Where was I?
12 years old
6th/7th grade
Birmingham, AL
Trying out for volleyball and cheerleading
playing 3rd base on a Homewood rec softball league
Honor bands...honor bands...honor bands.
Best friend: Shannon Calloway

Let's see how far we've come... where were you?

The year in pictures (my version)

So New York Times does a much cooler version of this ( click here to see the real "year in Pictures")

But I thought I would do one as well...recapping the year here in Birmingham, SMI, UAB, etc.

Here ya go!

My top 8 (and 11) of 08

I tried to narrow it down to be my top 8 of 08...but for the picture part that didn't happen...SORRY! This is very random and you probably don't care, but it will be fun to look back at in a few years.

Here are my top songs: (In no order)
1.Your Love is Strong- Jon Foreman
2.Med sud i eyrum- Sigure Ros
3.Desert Song- Hillsong
4.Praise the Father Praise the Son- Chris Tomlin
5.Viva La Vida- Cold Play
6.My Brightness- Charlie Hall
7.God Alimghty- Chris Tomlin
8.Live Your Life- T.I. and Rhianna

And my Favorite 11 picutres of 2008:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello Morning...and presents from Mia

So I got up at 4:45 this morning. Eww I know. My uncle had to be at the airport at 5 so I was voted the one to take him. Thanks, Mom. I did get excited however when I realized I was going to get to watch the sunrise (one of my favorite things to do in the whole world). That excitment quickly turned to bumnation(yes I made that word up...but it is an awesome word...go with it) when I realized that the sun didn't rise until 6:45. I was not about to sit out in the cold for and hour and a half in the dark. So I went to my grandmothers and took a nap until 7. I took her dog to the vet for her at 7:30 to get groomed...

Two thoughts here:
1) I don't think I will ever own a dog that requires "grooming"
2) My mom warned me that she will have to take a little poop as soon as she gets to the vet so walk her in the grass before you go in.

So Mia and I hop in the car and head on our way to the vet. It was a cold morning so I had the heat on in my car...this makes her I roll down the window for her. As the 25 degree air is pouring in the left window and invading my nice warm car it happened...around around around goes Mia in the passenger seat...all of you dogs owners knows what that means. No MIA NO NO NO MIA. the seat...SERIOUSLY MIA? We are all of 2 seconds aways from the vet.

I knew it couldn't stay there in the seat ....that would be a disaster considering how Mia felt the need to dance among the recently dropped terds. So chick-fil-A napkins in the glove box to the rescue. The terdes were now flying one by one of of the window as I tried my best to pick them up with the napkin before she could step on them. Needless to say when we got to the vet she didn't need to poo any more.

Awesome morning. I can't help but laugh. I really do love mornings...once I'm up.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few Christmas Thoughts

I know Christmas is over but I just had some random thoughts last night as I was lying in bed that I thought I'd write down since I am here at the church by myself with really nothing to do...

Isn't it funny that at Christmas time everyone sings songs of Christ and His birth whether they know Him or not. They don't think twice about it. I passed people in the mall on Wednesday singing Silent Night-Joy to the World etc. and it just kind of hit me. Do they know joy...real joy.. or what happened that night? They know the songs and do not hesitate to sing about it, but do they know? A lot of who sing don't know the One they sing about. Just goes to show how easy it is to put on a mask that says "I have it under control" and "This Christian thing is easy". I think especially living in the South it is so easy to say or claim one thing and live another.

Second random thought- I had to stop by Walgreen's yesterday to get something for Christmas lunch and since it was the only place open on Christmas day I found myself on an isle that contain everything from mac and cheese to laundry detergent to light bulbs. Multi purpose to the max I guess... but then I went over to the "cold isle" to get milk and notice a man standing at the frozen dinners and for some reason it just made my heart hurt. He was an older man...probably 50s maybe 60s deciding on a frozen dinner for Christmas lunch. And I just thought I wonder how many people are like him today. No family- trading in the turkey, ham and dressing for a lean considering my circumstances I could not invite him to dinner with us, but it just made me question how good of a job the church is doing. I know I am so convicted of the bubble I hide in. My little SMI bubble. I seldom reach out of it to love on those who are not around me. I know it is probably cliche and may even sound a little naive of me but wouldn't it be awesome if, because of the church, there wasn't anyone who had to spend Christmas alone. We have the Remedy...why do we chose to hoard it so much? I am the guiltiest of us all at hiding within the shadow of my own comfort. It just made me think about it. The day that I spent with family and more food than could have possibly been eaten was not so plesant for everyone. There were empty hearts-empty stomachs.

Just food for thought... OH and to end my walgreens experience the guy checking out after me began placing bottles of Imodium AD on the counter...I started counting...18 bottles... I guess Grandma's cooking didn't go over so well.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a blessed day with your families. It comes and goes so fast it seems.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update and Tune Tuesday

Well it has been a crazy grandma is going home today. She is doning much better and the dementia seems to be gone-heart stable so I guess she is better. Never a real diagnosis but oh well. We will see... home may not be best for her considering teh circumstances but God is Sovereign right.

BUT... on a brighter note...


And it is Tuesday and I haven't done a Tune Tuesday in a while and with it being Christmas I thought I'd stay in theme...but it was hard to think of a song considering all Christmas songs are wonderful...but usually overplayed and we've all known them all our lives.

So I thought I'd go 1745...and visit Charles Wesley.
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus isn't the first thing I think of when you say Christmas songs...but it is an old Advent hymn and we sang it this past Sunday in church...then talked about it after that...then Louie talked about it on the Passion podcast so I thought it was worth looking in to.

They lyrics are incredible. Sure it's old school... if you will... but those are often the best. So read the lyrics and get into the Christmas spirit a bit...the real Christmas spirit...the hope of all the earth Thou art!

Come, Thou long expected Jesus
Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel’s Strength and Consolation,
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.

Born Thy people to deliver,
Born a child and yet a King,
Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy gracious kingdom bring.
By Thine own eternal Spirit
Rule in all our hearts alone;
By Thine all sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can I get a witness

Ok Birmingham weather is ridiculous right now. I mean come on it is 1 week before Christmas and its 72 degrees outside...


THE FOG...and humidity

My hair is ridiculous. Can I get an amen

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can I just say

...I have never in all my life seen so many squirrels as I did this morning on my way to work. I had to slam on my brakes about every 100 yards to let one cross. What is this? Did I miss the squirrel marathon memo?

Monday, December 15, 2008

I passed

Hooray!!! I did it! I passed physical Anthro! And to top it all off... I came out with a B in Archaeology!!! So 1 more semester to go in college... another post about that to come later conisdering whoa that is crazy freaky I am about to graduate....but HOORAY PRAISE THE FATHER PRAISE THE SON THIS SEMESTER IS DONE! Who knew I could turn Chris Tomlin songs into my very own rhyming poems....okay waaaayyyy to tired. To bed I go... no REAL news on my grandma yet. Will find out more tomorrow!

Our God is the God who provides!...even a C in a class where my avg was about a 35!!! MIralces can happen!

My Grandmother

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and my family these past few days. For those of you who have no clue whats going on and want to know I'll give you the brief summary: My mom called me on Saturday and asked if I would come spend the night with them (she and my grandma) because she needed a break from taking care of my grandmother who has been sick this past week. I said sure thinking I would just help my grandma get to bed and give her her meds ( we thought she had pneumonia). She was schedule to go to the hospital on Sunday as that was when her sister, my Aunt Bobbie and Aunt Mayme could come take her. Well when I got there my grandma had gotten progressively worse. She was now hallucinating very very badly and I couldn't keep her in bed. My mom took some sleeping pills and went to bed so I was on my won around 8. My grandma kept getting up every 15 minutes ( and mind you she can't really walk so every time she gets up you have to as well and walk with her because she falls)So I would get up with her and ask her what she was doing and she would reply " getting all these people out of the house". Every time I would tell her there was no one there and she would get so mad because I couldn't see all the people, dogs, ants and rats she could. So this went on all night. I left there at about 8 on Sunday morning and came home and went to bed. My aunts came and took her to the hospital ER yesterday and she is in ICU right now. HEr breathing is still labored but the mental part is getting worse. They had to tie her down this morning to the bed because she was hurting herself and the nurses trying to fight off imaginary people. So that is all I know right now so keep her in your prayers as the doctors try to figure out what is going on.

I'll keep updating as I know more.

God is good and it's times like these when I see just how good and gracious and loving He is.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life as it Used to be

So I am here in Tuscaloosa. Heather and I came down for UA's graduation. I just dropped her off, went to Target and am now at the new Starbucks...well new to me anyways. They didn't have any of this stuff when I was here. NOw they have a whole new shopping center with Panera, Barnes and Nobles, Old Navy and tons of other stores and restaurants. I used to come home to Birmingham to go and sit at the Barnes and Noble or Starbucks to study bc there weren't any good places in Tusc. to do that. I think they got this the summer after I moved. Go figure. But being back here to actually hang out has brought back such weird emotions. The other day I was think about how different life would have been if I had stayed and finished school here. I would probably be living in a house on 13th street and back in Birmingham for Christmas break. It was weird to drive around campus and see all the buildings I used to have class in. and then drive to the target I went to so much. Its been two years since I've lived here but I could so vividly remember my old routines and the good ole' days at University of Alabama. It was a pool of mixed emotions. Many of which were thankful that God led me back to Birmingham, because I do love the city and don't miss the actual city of Tuscaloosa at all. But then some were sadness and just reality i guess that I am getting older, memories of college are quickly fading and real life is about to hit ( in 4 months to be exact). All that to say my heart is a big ball of paiurgtbiuagtyrugtv right now. YOu know what I mean. I am very excited for this next step in life and I know I am right where God wants me to be... for right now at least. We will see come May where the road will go, but for right now God is keeping the future path hidden from me...which is really good yet really hard.

Random thought but I was just thinking how interesting it is that Christmas is everyones favorite... whether you believe in the King or not... Christmas is just a season that everyone loves to celebrate. Whether people know it or not they are celebrating the birth of a Savior. Cool part day everyone will bow to the Lord, it just won't be so happy at that moment for those who have ignored Him all this time.

Fear Not ---- There IS a SAVIOR!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Desert Song

This is my prayer in the desert,
When all that's within me feels dry,
This is my prayer in my hunger and need,
My God is the God who provides,

And this is my prayer in the fire,
In weakness, or trial, or pain,
There is a faith proved more worth than gold,
So refine me Lord through the flame,

I will bring praise,
I will bring praise,
No weapon formed against me shall remain,
I will rejoice, I will declare,
God is my victory and He is here,

This is my prayer in the battle,
When triumph is still on its way,
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ,
So firm on his promise I'll stand,

All of my life, in every season,
You are still God,
I have a reason to sing,
I have a reason to worship,

And this is my prayer in the harvest,
When favour and providence flow,
I know I'm filled to be emptied again,
The seed I receive I will sow

Friday, December 5, 2008

tis the season

So as Christmas approaches the question comes to mind...what do I get everyone... Now mind you I love to give gifts. LOVE it. One of my favorite things to do in life. So Christmas shopping is one of my favorite activities! But I always sturggle with what to give everyone...and it is usually the same issue that trips me up every time... no one i am close to really needs anything! Now mind you I am not Scrooge and I love to give fun things that we really don't Starbucks giftcards...hint hint....but I mean really... I can't think of s single thing that I really need.

Think something?

Me neither.

So think year I have re-vamped my thinking when it comes to gifts and the amount of money I spend.

All that to say I am announcing a December special on my website :

100% of the proceeds from any purchases made during the month of December will go toward the maximum impact fund of World Visions Christmas Campaign.

$35 provides $490 worth of clothing for a child in Africa.
$30 provides a wool blanket for a child living in an open air house in frigid weather.
$25 helps provide job training for women who are trying to get their lives back after losing their hubands, families, and often dignity due to sex trafficing
$70 sends an orphan in Zambia to school for a year.
$100 provides a goat and 2 chickens to a family which means eggs and milk for food.
$50 provides $250 worth of food for a family in Africa.

I could go on and on but you get the point.... a little goes a loooooong way.

So check out the site...order some photos and make a difference for a child this Christmas... Oh an watch the video from my previous post to get a little Christmas motivation.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thursday thought



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tune Tuesday

SO I had to take a study I thought I would post the song for the day.

This is Wedding Dress by Derek Webb. I've had this song on repeat for a few weeks now. The words are just so true. I cannot listen to it without tears in my eyes. What a gracious Lord we serve.

If you could love me as a wife
and for my wedding gift, your life
Should that be all I?d ever need
or is there more I?m looking for

and should I read between the lines
and look for blessings in disguise
To make me handsome, rich, and wise
Is that really what you want

I am a whore I do confess
But I put you on just like a wedding dress
and I run down the aisle
and I run down the aisle
I?m a prodigal with no way home
but I put you on just like a ring of gold
and I run down the aisle to you

So could you love this bastard child
Though I don?t trust you to provide
With one hand in a pot of gold
and with the other in your side

I am so easily satisfied
by the call of lovers so less wild
That I would take a little cash
Over your very flesh and blood

Because money cannot buy
a husband?s jealous eye
When you have knowingly deceived his wife

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am terrible at this study thing...result...a new writing

So for some reason I hate the word poem/poetry. I do not know why. maybe it brings a cliche factor... I don't know. But nevertheless I write. And these "writings" which I guess are technically poems come out. So here is one I wrote the other day...during Bible study... I know I know. Hey it is about a Biblical story. Come on :)

I dont have a title yet.

An intentional rendezvous on bitter soil
A weary traveler meets a weary girl
An ancient stone provides a seat
A patriarch’s well is where they meet

“Give me a drink”, He read her mind
If she only knew what she was looking to find
Is sitting right there, an open door
Reaching out His hand to embrace a whore

Are you better than Jacob? Becomes her defense
This invitation to beauty does not make sense.
Straight to the core aims His demand
Go now, away, fetch your husband

“I don’t have one” becomes her mask
“I know, you have five, I didn’t need to ask”

The truth revealed she could no longer hide
And she turns to the man that sits at her side

What is this living water you speak?
And how did you know I’m so desperately weak?

Child the one that you search for is I
I’ve seen every tear that you have cried
This satisfaction you have sought for so long
Is now found in I who left the throne

And as the ink flows from my pen
I’m reminded of when I used to drown in my sin
My eyes have been open and now I can see
This girl that he met at the well was me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advice Please!

So most of you who know me know how much I am not enjoying school right now. This will be my last semester starting in January bc I will graduatge in May. I just hate it so much I am taking 24 hours in one semester to be done. So basically one semester of academic Sheol and then I will have a bachelors in Anthropology (aka a degree that you literally can do nothing with without getting your masters). I just chose it because I wanted to do something where I learned about different cultures and how they work so I could maybe use it to do some missions work or something...well that hasn't happened...the learning about other cultures that is... and so now I am just doing it to get a degree...which does go farther these days than it used to. But what I want to do is photography. God has lit that passion in me this year and it is taking off that is for sure, but I just am very uneducated about it. I don't know how to use with lighting, exposures or anything else...the pictures I have done have turned out as good as by the GRACE OF GOD... literally. So all that said I have $5,000 left to spend toward college. and here is where the dillemma/ need for advice comes in.

I really believe photography is what God wants me to do. it is what i have a true passion for when it comes to occupations and He continues to open doors for that... I haven't opened any myself which is such a good feeling...and I pray He will grant me the grace to continue to walk in that patience and let Him keep working through it. But I just have this thought in my heart (different than a thought in your head...ya know what I mean?) that maybe I should stop this other degree and go to photography school. I mean I only have $5,000 to spend toward school right now. So it is one of the other right now if you know what I mean. I can spend it at UAB and finish my degree in Anthro...or stop that for now...I mean I really can finish that at anytime...and go to school for photography and be able to do more with that. Photography has the potential to bring in great money...and who knows... if I decide to go that route... I can still take like one Anthro class at a time through the years and be done with that degree in like 2 years. And in the mean time I can go to hotography school...learn how to actually be a true life photographer and be able to take on more higher paying jobs which in turn can pay for me to finish my other degree.

Now I won't pretend to be more disciplined than I truly am and say that if I do not finish this Anthro degree next semester...then I may not finish it ever. Which may be okay since I am not learning anything anyways...but who knows. Maybe I will use it one day...maybe I just need to shift directions for a while... its not like my classes disappear if I skip a semester...I don't know. Just want to get others opinions. So drop me a comment or message if you can. I'd appreciate.

Whatever it is... To HIM be the glory.

it is here

Finals week... Lord help me... Come on December 9th!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At last

I am here. One of my favorite places...Gloucester/Boston. I don't know that I could ever live here (who knows..maybe one day I could)...but I love it all the same! I am so excited to be here with my sweet friends Amanda and Josh. I love them and a visit is long over due! Amanda and I are about to head to a cute little place in Gloucester called Sugar Magnolias, to get lunch then to the Lonely Gull coffee shop to just chill for a bit. Ah I am in much need of some chill time, especially in a different place.

It is nice to get away from the norm and daily rut. Especially right now for me. Looking forward to Albany tomorrow. I've never been to upstate NY. I think there may be snow too! I hope so very much.

Well I am out for now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh my

Well not knowing what day it was I was about to write the Thursday Thought... it is definitely Tuesday. I am losing my mind. I fly out to Boston today to visit on of my other families...the Cannons... for Thanksgiving. I am so very excited.

I will most likely have delays considering there is a blizzard in Detroit (my connection) and a hguh storm in there may be many posts today. I have a few poems/songs/writings/ call them what you like to type out.

But today I think I'll switch it up

The Tuesday Thought.

I have no song today, but i do have a good thought.

"I need Africa more than Africa needs me."
-Thanks Jeremy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photos For Sale

Check out my site:

I have added a "purchase" button so now you can buy prints directly off my website.

Good timing for Christmas too! And much cheaper than my previous redbubble site.

Tune Tuesday

Come on everyone! Get in the mood!! It is only like 40 for the high today!

It's the hap happiest season of all!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Come on December

So this is my last regular week of class. Next week is Tgiving week and I only have class Monday and half of tuesday.... then off to Boston/Albany and then back for 1 week of exams and then I am DOOOOOONNNNEEEEEE!

I have never been more ready for a semester to be over. This was the hardest semester of college for me by far...pray that I pass every class!!!

Next semester = 24 hours of class.

Crazy? Possibly.

I just want to be done. I am excited about my clases next semester though. This was just not a fun semester for class.

Well time for my last paper.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thought

Surely man, at his best, is a mere breath.
-King David

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tune Tuesday

Well thank you to my good friend Kristin Riley for telling me about this artist.
This is Wonder-Dummied by Brooke Waggoner

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well after a loooonnnng Sunday afternoon/night I am done editing. Hallelujah. Here are some of my favorite shots from the wedding.

Full Gallery Here